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About Us

What if exited founders teamed up with startups changing the world to achieve their missions, faster? Answer: Supernova

Who We Are

As entrepreneurial founders themselves, Supernova co-founders Barry Stamos and Christopher Staley have backgrounds as founders, in venture capital, advising and consulting, and have seen first-hand the difference between effective and sub-par advisor relationships. Through years of operating, relationship building and curation, they have put together a stunning assemblage of individuals who are motivated to share their knowledge and talent with the next top startups, for the betterment of venture humanity. More than 150 exited founders have come together to provide exponential impact to the startups they serve.


Our Values

We shine brighter together



We are here to be of service to people.



We believe in building a culture of people who are making conscious decisions with sustainability and community in mind.



We bring the right resources together to support the greater mission.



We lead with positive intent and empathy.



We believe startups are bringing renewed life into their communities through innovation and the advancement to a better future.

Why Supernova Exists

We orbit around your needs as all-star advisory teams.

The founders’ journey is innately challenging; it’s why so few have the endurance to make it all the way through. Seeking and building a team of advisors to strengthen the founder’s decision-making and strategy is a powerful way to increase the probability of success. Unfortunately, finding actual experienced startup advisors who can care for you and the mission is difficult. And if you do find them, how do you ensure that they are properly utilized and incentivized?

For decades, traditional advising for most founders and their companies has been essentially non-existent, or so informal that it leaves something to be desired. Boards are often serving this role, but with incentives and responsibilities that don’t allow for the openness and transparency needed to overcome many challenges we face.

The perfect advisor does not exist, but a dynamic team that adapts to your current company challenges, and knows what you are going through because they too have been a founder is “the perfect advisor.”

Supernova is the future of startup advising. We are the first and only resource able to curate successfully exited entrepreneurs and adapt that team to serve the evolving priorities and challenges of your company.

Our mission is to accelerate the realization of the founder's vision from the only perspective that truly understands the journey, as founders ourselves. Supernova is the future of startup advising.

Leadership Team

Barry Stamos

Barry Stamos

CEO & Co-founder

Christopher Staley

Christopher Staley

CIO & Co-Founder

Daniel Dubois

Daniel Dubois


John Thomas Marino

John Thomas Marino

Supernova Capital

Zach Slobin

Zach Slobin

Scouts of Supernova